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Foot Care Treatment for Calluses

#1 Formula for Diabetics.  Eliminates Calluses.

  • Better, Faster, Stronger

  • Natural pumice stone and brush help to loosen and remove dry skin build-up.

  • Safe for Diabetics

  • Gently exfoliates dead skin at the same time. 

  • 100% Risk Free Money Back Guarantee!

  • Clinically-proven combination of Aloe, Tea Tree Oil and Chamomile, rehydrates, rejuvenates and moisturizes all skin types.

Prescription Strength RevitaDERM40 is recommended for the feet, heels, knees and other dry, rough or callused skin.

Contains 40% urea cream for quick and painless removal of uncomfortable, hard skin, also known as foot calluses.

For additional foot care treatment for Calluses and other podiatric health, see a Hawaii Foot Doctor with experience:  Robert LaReaux, DPM!