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Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic Foot Care - Don't Ignore a Small Sore

If you or someone you care about has diabetes, be sure to encourage daily foot checks for skin breaks. Diabetes can contribute to poor circulation which decreases sensitivity in the feet. 

Many times, a diabetic does not realize he or she has an cut or irritation on their foot because of the lack of feeling in their feet.  This often leads to an open sore that the person is unaware of, also called a diabetic ulcer.  Untreated, this can lead to amputation because a foot sore on a diabetic may be slow and difficult to heel.

A small bruise, cut or even a sore from shoes rubbing on the heel or toes can lead to serious medical complications for anyone with diabetes. 

With proper care and medical attention (when necessary) foot health can contribute to a better quality of life for people living with diabetes.  Don't ignore even a small sore! 

If you are concerned about diabetic foot health, I would be happy to provide a complete foot health check to treat diabetic foot conditions or just to answer all your questions and concerns.   Please see a Hawaii Podiatrist/Foot Doctor for the next available appointment.
Diabetics should routinely check their feet!

Hawaii Podiatrist are highly trained in treating diabetic foot conditions.  See a Hawaii Foot Doctor for an annual diabetic foot exam.  It is an essential appointment to diabetic foot health.